Donasport 2023

When: Sunday, 27th April 2023.
Time: 10:30am-1pm.
Where: BISC.
Price: 8€ members, 13€ non members (includes welcome pack* and insurance)

Registration until: April 13th

Rowing training in “llagut

The “llagut català” is one of the most popular traditional catalan boat. It is used to practice a team sport where the coordination of the members is essential.

Rowing is one of the most complete exercicies you can practise as the benefit is global: your mind gets relaxed enjoying the sea while you work on your legs, arms and core.

Before we get on the llagut, we will familiarize with the boat and the basic rowing technique that we will practice in open sea.

After the activity, to garantee a full experience, we will enjoy a small breakfast.

The llagut is an 8 people activity, meaning that the duration of the training will depend on the number of people registered in the activity.

The price of the activity includes: place to keep your belongings, shower, breakfast and inssurance.

We recommend to bring: water, solar skin protection and sports clothes


* 1 Welcome pack is delivered by Donasport, if you participate in several activities you only receive 1 welcome pack.

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