Donasport is a women’s multisport tournament organized by Panteres Grogues. We carry out a set of non-competitive sporting activities with the aim of promoting sport among women and have fun with friends.

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“Our mission is to foster the equality, visibility and participation of women in sport through an inclusive sporting event that empowers women, as active participants and leaders, through the practice of sport.”



27 march.


Football tournament with four zones. It is played in all against all and then the qualifiers, until the end.

Registrations: 70 € (per team) + 4 € (per player)

Registrations until: 18/03/2022.

Tournament organized in three rounds: the first, by groups, guarantee a minimum of three matches (all against all within a group). The best rankings of each group are qualified for the knockout phase.

Registrations: 10 € (non-member), 7 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 20/04/2022

26 march.


Minitournament divided into two phases: in the first one is played a league between the teams, and the second, matches to define final positions.

Registrations: 10 € (non-member), 7 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 24/03/2022

12 march.


Paddle tournament with two categories (2nd and 3rd). All participants will play a minimum of 3 games.

Registrations: 25 € (non-member), 20 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 1/03/2022.

24 april.

 bike route

The route starts at the Caldes de Malavella station. The hermitage route is a beautiful, easy and circular. Circuit signalled with few climbs, none strong. The distance is 30 km, with a slope of 270 m and an estimated duration of 4 hours (with stops).

This beach volleyball tournament will have two competition formats: 2 against 2 or 4 against 4. Teams must be female or mixed. There will be two phases: phase 1 will determine the ability level of the teams and phase 2 will be the competition rounds. The number of matches will depend on the number of teams.

We’ll learn to move around the sea with a table from Estand-Up Paddle through a relaxing and funny activity to enjoy exercise in a natural and marine environment.

Registrations: 8 € (non-member), 6 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 11/05/2022.

25 april.


Running training for Barceloneta. The training will consist in four parts:

Gentle warm-up to get warm and get to know us (3-4 kilometers).

Run sets in two’s to activate and sweat a little while having fun.

Cold-down to recover beats (2 kilometers).

Stretching and beer (optional) for muscle recovery.

The group will be divided into three levels of running in order that everybody feels comfortable and can enjoy the training. Cheer up to run along the beach, during the sunset, the best way to start the week with energy, do not hesitate!

Registrations: 5 € (non-member), free (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 22/04/2022

Hiking tour at Montserrat with 15 km (total round trip), slope 1700 m amb level Low-medium.

Planned itinerary: Collbató, Sanctuary of La Salut, Coves del Salnitre’, Santa Cova, Monastery of Montserrat, Sant Miquel and return to Collbató. +info



“Sport is strategic. Sport means education. Sport creates values. Sport is health and fellowship. Sport is an integration, equality and cohesion tool.”



Presentation of Donasport 11th’s edition, with the screening of the documentary “Som marimachos” and later round table with the director of the documentary and other invited guests.

18.30 h – 20.30 h. Bar Retruc

Meeting to play billiards among friends. Activity open to participants and not participants from Donasport.

14 may.


23.00 h – 6.00 h. Believe Club Barcelona

Donasport party open to participants and not participants from Donasport.

Access to the party will be from 23:00 and the price of the entrance is 10). with the advance sale (with a cup).



“Make a donation and help to promote the participation of women in sports. Help us give visibility to women’s sport!”




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