Donasport is a project organised by the Women’s Comission in Panteres Grogues, a non-profit organization which offers a safe place for the LGBTI community to practice sports and wellness and cultural activities. It also works against discrimination on grounds of gender, sexual orientation and sexual identity in sports.

Currently it is organised in 29 sections with sportive and non-sportive (wellness &  cultural) sections.

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“The Donasport is an initiative of Panteres Grogues open to everyone, as it is committed to diversity. If you become a member of the club, you will do your bit to promote women’s equality and visibility through sport. In addition, you can enjoy many advantages. Join a great club.” More info.



Donasport is a sporting, recreational and cultural event with the aim of promoting the practice of sport among women and promoting the inclusion of the LGBTI+ community in sport.

One of the main features of Donasport is its non-competitive philosophy. All activities, far from pursuing victory as their sole objective, prioritize participation and socialization, so that participants, regardless of their age, physical condition or sports skills, can interact with each other in a friendly and relaxed environment, and enjoy playing!

The Donasport a self-managed and non-profit project, organized by volunteers, the revenues that are obtained are exclusively for the continuity of the project with the aim of continuing to contribute

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“To be able to carry out our event, we need volunteers to collaborate in different areas. We are committed and active volunteers who embody our values through their participation and help. Don’t cut yourself off! He collaborates with Donasport and is part of our team.” More info.



– Encouraging the practice of sport among women.

– Promoting the ethical, healthy and social values of sport.

– Promoting the integration, diversity, equality and visibility of women.

– Inspire more women to get involved in our project.

– Increase the number of women in our club.

– Enjoy doing sport.

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