When: Sunday 17th March 2024.
Time: 9.30am to 1.30pm.
Where: Egora Turó de la Beira.
Price: 13€ members/18€ no members (includes welcome pack* and insurance).

The mini tournament will be divided in two phases: in the first one, there will be a group made up of all teams that will play a league between them. In the second, according to the results obtained in the previous league, the matches will play in order to define the final positions.

The teams will be made by previous draw depending on the play position of each participant. The tournament’s format will be communicated based on the number of players. Before the tournament, we will inform about the distribution of teams, the number of matches and their duration.

There will be water, isotonic drink and bananas. At the end of the tournament, prizes will be awarded to the winners and finalists.

* 1 Welcome pack is delivered by Donasport, if you participate in several activities you only receive 1 welcome pack.


There will not be referees. The players will be responsible for whistling the fouls, following the rules and carrying out the score.

There is not free-throw. Personal foul, is sanctioned with 1 point + possession. In case that is field goal + foul = 2 (o 3) + 1. Timeout: 1 per team and per period.

Won game: 2 points.
Lost game: 1 point.

If there is a tie, two more minutes with the clock stopped. The rules may change according to the final format of the tournament.

Join us!

Contact: basquet.femeni@panteresgrogues.org

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