When: 24th April.
Time: 10am from Caldes de Malavella train station.
Price: free for members / 5€ non members (insurance).
Registration until: 15th April.

The route starts at Caldes de Malavella train station. The route of the hermitages is a beautiful, easy and circular route that can be done in a day with good visibility to enjoy the entire landscape. The route has good tracks and quiet roads. Signposted circuit with mild slopes. During the route we will make some stops to see the hermitages.

  • Distance: 30 km aprox.
  • Slope: 270 m
  • Duration: 4 h with stops.
  • Meeting point: Caldes de Malavella train station

Once the route is over, you can stay for lunch or you can return by train from the station.

Contact: donasport@panteresgrogues.org

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